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Missha Magic Cushion - Line Friends Edition

Missha has recently launched a special limited edition collection in collaboration with Line Friends. I am a regular user of the messenger app LINE and love collecting the stickers on the app so when i saw this line I fell in love and wanted to purchase the whole line. However, I restrained myself and only purchased the magic cushion. There are two version of the cushion: Brown and Sally. Brown (which is the one i purchased) contains the regular version of Missha's Magic Cushion while Sally contains the moisture version of the Magic Cushion. I tend to have a more oiler skin type so i opted for Brown. Hope you enjoy this review on this super cute product!

Missha Magic Cushion Special Kit [Line Friends Edition]
no. 23
15g + 2 Refills
Where I bought mine

Firstly, I just want to say that this kit is such a great value. For $15USD (depending on where you buy it) you get the initial cushion and two extra refills! I mean I usually purchase the one cushion foundation without refills for $15! The only down side is that the refills do not contain cushion puffs with each refill.

I don't think i need to say much about the packaging. The photos tell it for me. It is just so cute! I love the line friend Brown and let's talk about how adorable the cushion puff is! I'll be honest though the outer case being plastic feels a tad cheap compared to the normal cushion cases with the silver rims. But in saying that, the cushion itself is sealed very securely in its own protective case so that is all that matters.

The Cushion
The cushion sponge which contains the foundation is quite hard. In saying that I only own one other cushion, one by The Face Shop which I reviewed here. The Face Shop's cushion does claim to have a "new microfoam" though so maybe its a special type cushion sponge that is alot softer. The cushion foundation contains SPF50+ PA+++ which is always a good thing since sun is the no.1 cause of aging!
The cushion comes in two shades. 21 and 23. I bought no.23. Usually shade no.23 in most korean foundations matches me quite well. However 23 in this magic cushion is a little too light for my skintone so i have to blend the product down my neck which can be troublesome.

Since its a fresh new cushion, I didn't have to push down much at all to get product onto the puff. Really I shouldn't have pushed at all since i ended up with too much product on the puff (oops) The application though was very good. It has a very thin and moisturising formula which does not feel heavy on the skin at all so it is very easy to blend and build-up coverage.
The moisture version of this cushion supposedly leaves a moisturised and glowy finish to the skin and the regular magic cushion (which is the one I have) leaves a matte/semi-matte finish. The foundation doesn't set on its own, leaving a tacky touch so I suggest setting it with a powder. On my normal-oily skin, this cushion foundation leaves a glowy healthy sheen. I did set it with powder, but the glow was still there even after powdering which I liked. I would say it has a satin finish, not overly glowly but not matte. Despite leaving a glow, i don't think this foundation will be good for those with dry skin-types. I don't have dry skin but i did notice the foundation cake up and accentuate a small dry scab on my nose. (maybe that's why there is a moisture version of this foundation)
This foundation gives a light to buildable medium coverage. It is not full coverage but It covers redness, uneven skintone and light scars. It does not cover new or dark scars or dark circles. Overall, I'm happy with the coverage since I rather use foundation to just cover overall redness and uneven skintone and use a concealer for dark spots.

I live in Australia and it is summer here at the moment. I would think this foundation is great for the winter months when the weather is drier and my skin doesn't get as oily. However, because of its glowy finish, in the summer months it needs touch-ups and powdering after several hours of wear. the cushion foundation did cake up around my nose after a few hours of wear. I would say It has decent longevity for those with normal or dry skin-types but for those who have oily skin, i recommend powdering and touching up throughout the day.

Inexpensive- Great price for 15g+2 refills
SPF50+ PA+++
Super cute packaging
Easy application
Satin finish- leaves glowy healthy sheen
Doesn't feel or look heavy on skin- light moisturising formula
Covers redness, light scars and uneven skintone
Doesn't cake up when touching up

Transfers if you touch your face
Does not set on its own- needs setting powder otherwise it feels tacky upon touch
Does not cover dark circles of dark spots/scars
Cakes up around nose over time
Can accentuate dry patches
Refills do not contain puffs
Line Friends packaging is limited edition :(

Final Verdict
For its amazing price, the cushion performs really well. I recommend this cushion to beginners or those who want a decent cushion foundation but do not want to spend a fortune. Bonus that it has a super cute packaging. I love Brown and Line friends! Sadly its limited edition so get it while you still can! 

Thank you for reading!

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