Friday, 24 July 2015

Korean Beauty Haul [Roseroseshop]

This was my first purchase from Roseroseshop. Roseroseshop has a great variety of korean makeup and skincare products at very affordable prices. However, their shipping is weight based and quite pricey. For 3 small items it would have costed $9USD (<1.5kg) for shipping. In the end, if you include shipping cost with their affordable item prices, it equates to buying at other sites such as Jolse. (who has higher item prices but free shipping) 

My order was made on the 9/07/2015 and was delivered to me on the 24/07/2015.  It took a total of 15 days, which is reasonable. They also included a number of free samples. Overall, I am satisfied and would recommend the website.

Now on with the haul!

Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Cream
I love the Innisfree green tea seed serum and so decided to get the accompanying cream to go with it. 

Apieu Pure Block Natural Sun Cream DAILY SPF45 SPF+++
Suncreams can be a yes and no on my skin. I've tried many and my no.1 favourite sun block is the Biore UV Aqua Rich. However, I cannot find anywhere reliable and cheap in shipping to repurchase it so I opted to try out this sun block. I tested it on my hand, and first impressions is that it smells strongly of your typical sunscreen, very light in texture, easily blend-able and leaves no white cast. However, it does leave a dewy and moisturised finish. Hopefully it will work with my oily skin. 

Mamonde Soft Bloom Make-up Base
I found out about this product from a korean beauty youtuber. I wore it under my cushion foundation for the first time today and I am enjoying it so far. It brightens up my complexion without given it a white case which I  appreciate.

Aritaum Sugerball Velvet Blusher in no.3 Peach in Coral
I was deciding between the velvet or cushion version, however since I have oily skin, I decided to go for the velvet blusher which is a powder form. It is a nice muted peachy nude colour and has tiny glitters which cannot be seen unless someone look closely at your face. 

The Face Shop Gel-set Smudgeproof Autoliner in no.1 black
 I have finally found my holy grail eyeliner. Every liner smudges on my eyes, but boy oh boy, not this one. It is a rich intense black colour and stays put on my eyes all day long!

Peripera Lumi Pang in PK10 Kiss Presentiment
Peripera came out with new and limited edition colours in the Pang range. I instantly fell inlove and needed to own them. I love the Peripera pang lippies and have reviewed them here. I hope they don't discontinue them. PK10 in the lumi range is a bright bubblegum pink. bright and fluorescent. 

Peripera Rouge Pang PK10 Chemi Explosion
The rouge pangs are pigmented, moisturising and affordable. When I saw swatches of this particular limited edition shade, I knew I had to own it. PK10 is a bright pinky-salmon shade and it so beautiful.

If you want reviews on any of the products mentioned, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading! 

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