Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum Lucky Box

 The Green Tea Seed Serum is a holy grail item in my skincare routine. When I saw the Lucky box deal, I couldn't resist and ordered one. I was running low of my current green tea serum bottle so this lucky box deal was a bonus.

This isn't a review, but more so an unboxing and revealing of the items included in the box. Enjoy!

Green Tea Seed Serum Lucky Box
Items included
Green Tea Seed Serum 80ml
Lucky Handy Mirror 
Cotton pads x20

The box which includes a total of 4 items retails for the price of the green tea serum if you were to buy it by itself which I think is a very good deal. 

The lucky item was between the full sized green tea oil, cream, cleansing bar, cleansing foam, and 50ml serum+capsule pack. Obviously  I knew the chances of getting the oil and cream were unlikely since the two retail at a high price point. 

The Lucky item I ended up receiving was the Green tea cleansing bar retailed at $10-$15. I haven't used any facial cleansing bars before, so I am looking forward to trying this one out!

The cotton pads are your standard pads you can purchase at any asian beauty shops. They seem like they are good quality.

The mirror is very cute. Its make is exactly like a button pin is made (minus the pin and addition of a mirror ofcourse.) The leaf design is very cute and appropriate of the Innisfree natural brand. It is a good quality mirror you can throw in your hand bag and use on the go. 

I am really happy I purchased this lucky box. I knew my luck wasn't going to get my one of the high priced products. Searching the net, I found majority of those who have bought this lucky box received the cleanser bar and foam. For the price, I think it is an amazing deal.

Until next time, Thank you for reading!

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