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VDL Naked Facial Exfoliant Review

The product I will be reviewing today is the VDL Naked Facial Exfoliant.

Naked Facial Exfoliant 
$14USD at Koreadepart


VDL has such professional and elegant packaging, which is a major reason why I want to buy from the brand. The box in which the product comes in, is clean and bare of any colours and designs. This successfully conveys the 'Naked' concept. 

The product itself is simple yet sophisticated looking. As you can see from the images, the tube is a metallic chrome, with no designs but only the product name, brand name and instructions printed on it. Overall, I love VDL's minimal 'less is more' design!

Lastly, although not perfect, lets all take a moment to appreciate that the writing is in english as well! 


After reading the concept of the VDL Naked line, it truly makes me want to buy the other products from the same line. The use of non-irritating natural ingredients such as rice and oatmeal really excites me since both ingredients contains brightening and lightening properties.

Normally when hearing the word exfoliant or scrub, I think of an abrasive grainy formula. However, the VDL exfoliant is smooth and gentle in texture. The product has a very light moisturiser-like consistency and contains very fine grains of what I assume are the rice bran and oatmeal extracts. Although the exfoliant contains grains, these grains are so fine that it does not feel abrasive to the skin at all.

It also has no fragrance, which is great for those with sensitive noses and skin.


I first gained interest in this exfoliant after it was featured in Pony's beauty dairy.

In the video, she mentions two methods in which you can apply this facial exfoliant- a deep cleansing method (which is the application method suggested by VDL on the packaging) and the one she demonstrates in the video, which is a gentle leave-on method.

For deep cleansing, I use the method recommended on the packaging. TIP: Use exfoliants straight after getting out of the shower or steaming your face, since the steam will help open pores and make the dry and dead skin soft and easy to remove.  Straight after stepping out of the shower, while my face is still wet, I massage in some product in a circular motion until I feel satisfied which is usually 10-20 seconds (any longer I feel is too abrasive to the skin). I then leave the product sitting on my face for 2-5mins for the product to melt into the skin and really break down the dead skincells. After, I wet my hands with warm water and massage again and then wash off all product with lukewarm water.

As for a mild exfoliating method, I use the same method Pony uses in her video. I simply apply the product dry and then after 10-15mins, I wash off the product. While washing off I massage the product very gently. I even bought the Skinfood Black Sugar mask which she uses in the video and combine the two exfoliants. (I know she is probably sponsored and the products were scripted in, but I am a sheep that follows. Don't judge me!)


This exfoliant is very effective in removing dead skin cells, while being not abrasive to the skin. After washing off the product, my skin feels incredibly soft and so smooth that my fingers just glides across my skin as if silk. I use a spot treatment for my pimples, which works by drying up the spots, leaving them flakey. This exfoliant has helped remove flakiness and dry spots on my face.

Also, I have noticed that my skincare products absorb into my skin better after I use this exfoliant. With better absorption, my skin feels more supple and hydrated and my pores are less clogged.

However, a down side is that this exfoliant has no effect on blackheads. This is understandable since this exfoliant is very mild and works to remove waste from the top skin layer.

I have yet to use it long enough to see if it can lighten acne scars or hyperpigmentation. However, this product does temporarily brighten up the complexion after usage.

Very fine grains- gentle formula
Suitable for sensitive skin
Leaves skin feeling soft, silky and smooth
Effectively removes dry dead skin cells
Reduction in pore size
Temporary brightening effect
Easy application
Can be used as a leave on mask as well as a deep cleansing exfoliant

No effect on blackheads

Final Verdict

* * * * *
* * * * *
* * * * *
* * * * *

Final Score
* * * * *

Will I repurchase? Definitely! It is a wonderful exfoliant that is effective yet gentle on the skin! Unfortunately, I can only find VDL products for sale on Koreadepart and no where else. I highly recommend it to those who can get their hands on it!

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