Sunday, 15 February 2015

Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum Review

Not only do I love the taste of green tea, but I love its endless health and skincare benefits. And so, the green tea line by Innisfree sparked my interest instantly. It has long been released, but I have finally decided to purchase the famous Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum. This serum is the best seller from the whole line, being loved and raved about by many. 

Just to let you know, my skin is oily- combination and acne prone. I have blemishes, redness and excess oils on my face. I hope you enjoy this review.

The Green Tea Seed Serum
$44AUD at Innisfreeworld
$28.45USD at Cosmeticlove
$22.98USD at Jolse
$22.22USD at Koreadepart


Box Description
This nourishing moisture serum is formulated with freshly squeezed Jeju green tea and green tea seeds to create a dewy and clear skin from deep within.

The serum is said to contain "100% squeezed green tea which are rich in amino acids and minerals" and "Dual Moisture-Rising Technology from the green tea and green tea seed oil." These features enable the serum to penetrate into the deeper skin layers, allowing for longer and deeper hydration and nourishment.

Green tea not only hydrates your skin, however can help with blemishes. Since green tea has antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, sun protection and moisturising properties, this serum can help with dark spots, redness, trouble spots and dehydrated skin.

This serum is a clear in colour and has a thin and runny consistency. It also has a strong perfume fragrance. However, this fragrance doesn't irritate my nose or skin.


This serum is made to be applied as the first step of skincare, straight after cleansing the face. This is because the formula is to be absorbed into the deeper skin layers to really provide deep hydration and nourishment. Being applied to fresh and bare skin allows for better absorption.

Straight after cleansing my face. I use one pump full for my whole face, patting it in for better absorption. Its watery and light-weight consistency allows the serum to sink into my skin so effortlessly. There is no sticky-ness, left over oily residue on my face after. My skin drinks the serum in, leaving my face feeling very hydrated and feeling as if I didn't apply anything on my skin. This is because the product absorbs deep into the skin, rather than the surface of the skin.


After a few weeks of adding this serum to my day and night time skincare, I can tell my skin loves drinking and soaking  up this serum. This serum really calms down irritated skin. My face has reduced in redness and trouble spots. I don't even need to put on my pink spot treatment at night anymore since I haven't gotten any new spots since using this serum.

There is no dewy-ness left by this serum as it absorbs into the skin, but rather it leaves the skin looking as if you haven't applied anything. This serum is great for oily skin, giving it the needed hydration but not over doing it. As for dry skin, I cannot say. However, my pores are less clogged because of this hydrating serum. less clogged pores equals reduction in oils and breakouts.

Overall, my skin now feels hydrated=less oily, calm=reduced redness and non-irritated=less breakouts.  However, one thing that I have yet to see visible results are the appearances of my hyperpigmentation and acne scars. I will definitely update this point after longer use though.

Suitable for all skin types (Great for my oily skin)
Light weight formula
Absorbs quickly into skin- leaves no oily/sticky/dewy residue
Does not clog pores
Hydrates skin from deep within 
Less oily skin
Reduces redness
Prevents breakouts
Soothes and calms irritated skin/spots

Strong fragrance (Can be a con to some)
Does not  leave the skin looking dewy after application (for those with dry skin)
May be expensive to some
Have yet to see any changes to scars and hyperpigmentation

Final Verdict

* * * * *
* * * *
* * * * *
* * * * *

Final Score
* * * * *

Overall, I highly recommend it to all skin types. It gives the skin needed hydration whether oily or dry, soothes and calms irritated skin, reduces redness and trouble spots and the skin just absorbs the serum so effortlessly.

Will I repurchase? I definitely will when I run out. 


  1. Hai Lisa, would you like to tell me which one do you prefer and works better ; Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum or Nature Republic The First Essence?

    1. I actually love both products and use both in my current skincare routine. The two products are very different in terms of function. The green tea seed serum helps with hydrating and relaxing stressed skin and Nature republic the first essence mainly helps brightening the skins complexion, working as a toner. If I had to choose between the two products, it would be the green tea seed serum since I feel it provides more nourishment and benefits for my skin. While both products moisturise and calm the skin, I feel the Green tea Seed serum performs better than the first essence. I hope I helped :)

  2. Also, if you just want to diminish your PIH, it's reaaaally easy :D Dermaroller! You will see the result in just one month :D I've proved it :)

  3. I just placed an order at innisfree and will get this as a sample
    a lot of people have been raving about this product
    Thanks so much for sharing your opinion, now im excited to try it out
    going to follow your blog, hope we can be friends!
    hope you stop by<3

    1. How exciting! Innisfree is slowly becoming one of my top skincare brands.
      It is always a good idea to try a sample before investing in the full product.
      I really hope you enjoy the serum as much as I do.
      You're very welcome and thank you for following!
      I am afraid my activity will be limited since I will be heading back to university very soon.
      Ofcourse we can be friends! Its very nice to meet you Rae! Your blog is lovely. I followed you on bloglovin :) Hope you have a great day. Greetings from Australia.

  4. Have you tried the nature republic green tea serum? If yes, which one do you prefer?