Tuesday, 20 January 2015

January Beauty Favourites [Lazy Summer Makeup]

It is reaching the end of summer here in Australia. The days have been long and very hot, making me very lazy to do my face. I have never done a monthly favourites, so I thought I would do my january summer favourites. I have realised, this month's favourites contain basically all the products I use for a lazy summer day makeup look. (besides eyebrow pencil) I hope you enjoy!

Under the hot dangerous sun, protecting your skin with sunscreen is essential. However, the current sunscreen i am using is not my favourite formula. However, in general suncare and sunscreen is very important!

I like my skin to breathe in summer, since I produce more oils and sweat more. Therefore, instead of wearing a face full of makeup, I spot conceal with The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer and then powder with the Innisfree No-sebum mineral powder. The combination is great! 

The concealer doesn't feel heavy, has great coverage and doesn't get cakey. Innisfree no-sebum mineral powder removes any oil shine, while allowing my skin to breathe which I love! A more detailed review for the Powder is HERE.

For eyes, The combination of Etude house Dr. Mascara Fixer and Innisfree skinny waterproof microscara is great for summer (or any season in general). Summer makes me lazy and so I can't be bothered to put on eye shadow and eyeliner. However, curling my lashes and adding mascara gives more polished and awake look without much effort. The two products together gives a curled, long and natural look to lashes. If you want a review of any of the products mentioned, be sure to let me know in the comments!

I am loving the natural my-lips-but-better lip colours lately (especially for lazy days) I transition between Peripera Rouge Pang in PK07 (on days I want more matte pinky lips) and Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick in #3 Creamy Coral (on days I want more balmy and moisturised looking lips). Both are similar in colour, being a soft muted pinks, (creamy coral leaning more coral ofcourse) 

These two colours make my lips look alive and thus makes my whole face look healthy and done up. 
To read Peripera Rouge Pang review Click HERE

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I enjoyed writing it. If you want any items reviewed, check the reviews I have already written by clicking the links or comment me down below!

Thank you for reading!
Take care!


  1. Ohh I have had my eyes on Etude House's Dr. Mascara Fixer! ^ u ^


    1. You should definitely give it a try! Affordable and works like a dream for straight thin lashes! ^^

  2. Thank you for the post, Lisa! I've heard good things about that concealer, maybe should read more about it. I recently ordered the Innisfree no sebum mineral powder, I'm planning to use it when the summer comes to my city (which lasts almost all year ;<). I also have read good things of the Innisfree skinny waterproof microcara, I would greatly appreciate if you could make a review about it. Last, the colors of your lipsticks are very pretty, I plan to buy similar colors soon. <3
    Hope you are having a great day, greetings from Mexico!


    1. You're very welcome! thank you for your lovely comment!! :D yes It is a great concealer for its VERY affordable price! I think I paid $4? for it. The powder is so affordable isn't it? I hope you will like the powder as much as I do. Do you have the compact or loose form like mine? I want to try out the compact one but its double the price and I don't know if it will leave a white cast since its not as fine as the loose powder. I find the loose form is very messy to use! >< I would gladly make a review on the microscara for you! Thankyou for your request! I have a problem since I find myself always buying the same lip colours >< but you can never go wrong with such a wearable colour. You live in mexico! how lovely! I hope you have a great day too. Greetings from Australia! hehe!