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Tony Moly BCDation All Master Review

I was really excited when I received a 20g deluxe sample of the Tony Moly BCDation All Master in the Memebox Global #15. It was a product I had been eyeing for a while. The idea of a base that serves the function of a BB cream, CC cream and Foundation intrigued me and this product claims to have the light application of a cc cream, natural feel of a bb cream and coverage of a foundation.

Now, I do not have the original first edition which is the BCDation (No 'All Master'), so I cannot tell you what the difference is between the two versions, but I do know that the All Master comes in only one shade and the original BCDation comes in 2 shades- Pink Beige and Natural Beige.

Tony Moly 
BCDation All Master
Only one shade available
50g $15.30USD at BeautynetKorea


The BCDation claims to have a 'moist and comfortable application of a cc cream' and I have to say Tony Moly got it right with its light weight CC cream like formula and application! 

The formula is very light and of a gel/moisturizing cream texture, which is very much like a cc cream. It is not thick like bb cream/ foundation.


The application is very easy due to its light gel formula. With some foundations, I find it really difficult to blend in the product. With this product, I can easily use my fingers to pat and blend the product on my face. I really like it.


The BCdation also claims to give a 'light and natural covering of a bb cream.' The finish doesn't feel too heavy like foundation, however not so light as a cc cream. I must say it does have the finish of a bb cream which proves the claim. The finish is very natural, with a slight glow to the skin. 

However, my dry spots are accentuated with this BCDation and it also leaves a abit of stickiness to your skin after application, but powdering after removes that stickiness.


Now this version of the BCDation is 'All Master', so it comes in only one shade. I was scared it would be too light for my medium skintone, or be a pinky or grey undertone. Fortunately, it has a yellow/beige undertone! yay! 

The colour reminds so much of The Face Shop Aura CC Cream in that it was a little light for my skin, but in saying that it did not give me a ghostly mask, but a brightening effect to my skin. However, when the foundation does fade in areas (like the nose area), the shade difference is noticeable so that's unfortunate.


It gives a decent coverage, considering its lightweight formula. I would say it gives a buildable medium coverage, which does in a way proves the claim of 'excellent covering of blemishes and trouble spots like a foundation.' Redness was gone, appearance of blemishes and spots were reduced (however not entirely gone) and overall, my dull skin turned brighter and more healthy looking.

Lasting Power

Many reviews of the original BCDation recommend those with oily skin to not use this product as it tends to turn the face into an oily mess by the end of the day. I have really oily skin and especially since it is getting hotter here in Australia, the oiliness is at its high, so i was really concerned that i would turn oily wearing this All Master. However, I think they have reformulated something because my face did not oil up at all after wearing it from 6am-6pm! I have a slight glow to my skin but it isn't a disgusting glow. I am very impressed! (I did use a primer and powder in conjunction though)

After 12 hours of wear. It was not melted off my skin or caked up in lines or anything. The BCDation did fade off around my nose area, but i did have a runny nose that day so it couldn't be helped. Overall, very impressed.


Light to Medium Coverage
Light weight formula
Buildable and Blendable
Yellow/Neutral undertone
Good oil control
Great Lasting power
Did not break me out


Only one shade
May accentuate dry spots
Stickiness after application

Final Verdict

Formula 5/5
Application 5/5
Finish 4/5
Colour 4/5
Coverage 3/5
Lasting Power 5/5

Overall Score

-1 for shade being slightly lighter than my skintone and coverage being not enough for my blemished skin.

I am overall impressed with this BCDation All Master. The product does prove to be a combination of a BB, CC and Foundation. It would be nice if they had more then one shade though. I would definitely recommend this to all skin-types.

Hope you found this review helpful!

Take care!

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