Friday, 3 October 2014

Mini Korean Beauty Haul [BeautynetKorea]

Hello! I have a mini haul from Beautynetkorea to share! I hope you enjoy!


Innisfree Color Glow Lipstick #3 Romantic Autumn Rose
Being very fond of their tints, I decided to try out Innisfree's lipsticks. They have also recently brought out a new Creamymellow lipstick range. I hope to buy a lipstick from the range and then compare the two since they are identical in appearance!

Innisfree Vivid Tint Rouge #1 Pink Dreaming
I have done a comparison review  between the Innisfree Vivid Tint Rouge and Nature Republic By Flower Triple Volume Tint which i will link here. Although I ultimately stated that I prefer the NR Tint over the IF tint, the colours in the IF range entice me more. However I realised #1 Pink dreaming is almost, if not identical to NR #6 Rose. Oh well my bad! Beautiful colour non the less!

Peripera Peri's Tint Crayon #5 Fruity Sunny
Without a doubt Peripera is my favourite brand for lip products! This crayon is a beautiful colour and so pigmented its absurd! I want to buy all Peripera's lip products! 

The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Design my Eyebrow #5 Dark Gray
 I decided to finally buy a new eyebrow pencil! For the longest time I have been using the Tony Moly Easy Touch Auto Eyebrow. I don't love it since the formula is quite chalky/soft and it's tip is too fat. This pencil by The Face Shop has a small tip and is more smooth and stiff in formula which is great for precision!

BBIA Shade and Shadow #1 Powder made of mixed grains and #6 Innocent
I do not know of this brand, but their eye shadows looks beautiful and intriguing as they market them as being both a colour of eyes and cheeks. Both have no glitter and can be used as an overall wash on the eyelids. #1 can be easily used as a cheek contouring shade and #6 is a very soft burnt salmon shade that is great for a quick and daily overall eye lid shade.

Tony Moly Delight Tony Tint #2 Red
I received this as a gift with purchase and I am very happy with it! It is a gel-ish consistency and is an orange red colour.

I hope you enjoyed reading! Until next time, Take care! 

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