Friday, 25 July 2014

Peripera Peri’s Tint Water No.5 Candy Juice Review

 Hello! Peripera Peri’s Tint Water in No.5 Candy Juice has officially become my favourite tint. It is a lovely bright pink tint that brightens up my complexion. Let’s start with the Review!


The packaging is pretty with Peripera’s signature girl icon printed on the cap. Reminiscent of a nail polish, it is a glass bottle with a sturdy cap. 

There is no stopper, so the doe foot applicator always has a lot of liquid on it. Being glass and containing such watery product, I always have to be careful not to drop this tint bottle.


In the bottle the liquid looks like a scary neon watermelon pink colour. (I apologise, my photos show it to be redder than reality) However, as you can see on the promotional swatch (below) the tint should give off a bright fushia pink. On my lips, it comes off a lovely bright but natural ‘candy’ pink with one coat. Adding more coats, the hot fushia pink is achievable on my lips, however not as neon as the promotional swatch. 

I think if you have pale lips this colour will be more neon and truer in colour to the promotional swatch.


Usually with water tints it dries out the lips and sadly this tint is no exception. It does dry out the lips but it can’t be helped being a water tint.


It may smell like sweet candy to some. However to me, it smells like children’s liquid medicine. That may sound bad but I quite like the smell! Its sweet but not overwhelmingly sweet! No particular taste but it doesn't taste bad.

Lasting power

The stain lasts all day. However the colour does fade a little when eating or drinking.


This tint water contains 6.5ml and I bought it for $6.83USD at Koreadepart.


Long lasting staining power
Nice sweet scent
No bitter taste unlike other tints


You have to be careful not to drop or spill the bottle
Drying to the lips

Final Verdict

Packaging 4/5
Colour 5/5
Finish 4.5/5
Scent/Taste 5/5
Staining power 5/5
Price 5/5

Overall, 5/5

I am not even close to using up this tint but want to buy more it. I will definitely buy the other colours! I highly recommend this tint! LOVE this tint!

Thank you for reading!

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