Thursday, 17 July 2014

Nature Republic Botanical Waterproof Eyeliner No.1 Black Review


The eyeliner is in a simple twist-able pencil packaging. There is also a detachable sharpener located on opposite end of the eyeliner, which is really convenient.


This eyeliner comes in 4 shades. I have No.1 Black. It is definitely a smokey and intense black. I really like it!


I haven’t used a pencil eyeliner in a very long time so maybe that is why I am not used to its texture but I find this eyeliner is very hard and drying when applying it onto my eyes. I have to really push and put effort to get a full black line which I don’t enjoy.

Smudgeproof Test

I have really oily eyelids so it is rare to find an eyeliner that doesn’t smudge on me. This eyeliner did smudge a tiny bit but considering all eyeliners smudge on me, it did a very good job at staying put!

Waterproof Test

I enjoy doing a more puppy eyeliner look on myself, which requires eyeliner on lower sides of my eyes. Since I have oily eyelids and also watery eyes, my eyeliner always disappears on the sides of my eyes by the end of the day. This eyeliner stayed put so I was really amazed!

As a test I ran my hand with swatches I used to do the smudgeproof test under the tap (cold and then warm) and tried to wash it off and the lines didn’t budge!  It is indeed very waterproof. It is easily removed with oil based makeup remover.


The product is 3.3cm long. I bought it for $4.39USD at Koreadepart.


Intense black colour
Waterproof but easily removed with oil based makeup remover
Has a detachable sharpener


Hard and drying when applying

Final Verdict

Packaging  5/5
Colour Payoff 5/5
Formula/Application 3/5
Smudgeproof 5/5
Waterproof 5/5
Price 5/5

Overall, 4.5/5 I highly recommend it to everyone and especially those with oily eyelids like myself! I just don't really like how hard and drying the pencil is.

Thank you for reading!

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