Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Innisfree Jelly Tint No.5 Pink Berry Review


Good simple packaging. The bottle feels sturdy, closes well and has a stopper to control how much product you want.


The consistency of this jelly tint is reminiscent of Etude House Fresh Cherry Tints. It is gel like but not runny/watery and not sticky like lip-glosses. I really enjoy the non-sticky consistency.


No.5 is a berry hot pink colour that contains fine iridescent glitter. The pigmentation is amazing. It shows up very vibrant hot pink on my dark pigmented lips! The stain left on your lips after the glossiness disappears is very similar to Peripera's water tint in Candy which is a bright pink colour.


I was afraid it would be too glossy and glittery, but the finish is very subtle and pretty. It gives a moisturized look with really pretty fine glitter particles.


The scent is meant to be a lemon scent. I personally dislike lemon scents and for some reason, the scent and taste strongly reminds me of dishwashing detergent. Because the colour is so pretty, I withstand the unpleasant strong detergent scent/ taste.

Stain/Lasting power

The lasting power is not the best. It does transfer when drinking and or eating so I reapplied it after every meal. It does not seep into the cracks of your lips, having a glossy finish. The stain is very impressive as long as you wait a minute or two after applying to then blot the excess.


Contains 3ml of product and is $6.44USD at Koreadepart. I think that is a bit expensive for a tint, however it is limited edition product.


Non sticky
Non drying
Subtle glossy/glittery finish
Decent staining power


Unpleasant lemon/dishwashing detergent scent and taste
Reapplication after meals and drinking is needed.
Limited edition (I think)
A bit overpriced

Final Verdict

Consistency 5/5
Colour/Pigmentation 5/5
Scent/Taste 0/5
Lasting Power 3/5
Price 4/5

Overall, 4.5/5 (If only the scent and taste wasn’t so strong)
I really like this jelly tint and would recommend it to those who don't mind reapplying their lip products.

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