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The Face Shop Face it Aura Colour Control Cream (No.2 Natural Beige) Review


I find the compact quite bulky and big, but its reasonable considering you can pop out the inner part (where the product is stored) from the outer case to then replace it with a refill. This will save money from buying a new compact.

It is a unique compact where you push down to pump product out from within the compact. I do like this concept, however I don’t like how there’s a set amount every time you push down.  It is difficult to push out half a pump.


I have No.2 Natural beige. The colour is a little lighter than my skin tone. However, I consider that lightness the radiance that this cc cream claims to do.

The cc cream claims to have a darkening proof formula and I agree. It didn’t oxidise and looked the same from first application to the end of the day.


It comes with its own sponge/ puff. The sponge feels really soft, however I haven’t used the sponge. There is something about a clean new sponge that makes me not want to dirty it haha.

The method I find that works the best is to dot this product all around my face and then pat and tap the product in with my hands. I only use 1 pump for my whole face. I would use another half pump to layer a bit more on my cheeks and to add on my neck but sadly I can’t do that because of the packaging.

The consistency is a little thicker than bb cream, leaning towards a foundation consistency. I have read some reviews that say that this product is very cakey on their skin. When I first applied this cc cream, I did find it to look and feel really thick and cakey. I was really saddened by this. However, within seconds the cc cream sets and looks and feels so natural and so flawless!!  I love how looks after it sets!


The coverage is light to medium. It doesn't conceal my acne scars and spots, which I already expected from this product being a cc cream, so I am okay with that. What it does do really well is remove redness and make my dull skintone radiant and more even. I love it! It just brightens up my dull complexion and makes me look healthy and radiant.


It leaves a natural satin finish on my oily combination face. I love the finish! I don't understand why its called ‘Aura’ Colour control cream because it doesn't leave the most glowy finish I would expect from an ‘Aura’ product. Saying that it doesn’t dry out my skin either but then again I have really oily skin.

Lasting Power

I applied this cc cream at 10am and came home at 6pm. It was a rather hot day with cold windy moments (This is the bipolar weather of Australia), so I sweated a little. I came home and looked in the mirror and was AMAZED at how lovely my skin looked. The cc cream did not melt off or move into any fine lines and maintained the same flawless natural appearance it gave my skin in the morning. I have really oily skin so when using bb cream or foundation, by the end of the day the bb cream would’ve melted off or into fine lines and my face would look horrible, cakey and oily. So, I was amazed at that this cc cream stayed perfectly on my skin all day long. My skin looked glowy but not oily (However, I did powder my face using the Innisfree No-Sebum Powder. So maybe the powder also contributes to the lasting power and oil control?)


It comes with 20g of product. It retails from $20- $45AUD depending on where you purchase it. I bought it at Koreadepart for $20USD which was a bargain since I usually find it costing $45. But its quality, I think its worth every dollar!


Brightens and evens out dull skin
Natural Satin Finish
Light to Medium coverage (better than other cc creams which give no coverage)
Hides redness
Long lasting


Doesn't conceal blemishes and spots (however you have to expect that from a cc cream)
A little expensive
May be not glowy enough for some (May not suit dry skintypes)

Final Verdict

Packaging 2/5 (I honestly would rather it in a tube where I can control how much I squeeze out)
Colour 4.5/5 (It is a tad lighter than my skintone)
Application 5/5
Coverage 5/5 (For a cc cream lovely coverage. Not comparing to bbcream/foundation)
Finish 5/5
Lasting Power 5/5
Price 4.5/5

5/5 I love this product so much! Definitely buying a refill when I run out.

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