Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Koreadepart Haul #1

1. Its Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector

I have been wanting a serum to whiten my acne scars, hyperpigmentation and overall dull, uneven skintone. This particular essence in the Power 10 line is for brightening containing Vitamin C. Vitamin C has worked well in the past for me and this serum was listed on Koreadepart as one of the 'HOT ITEMS' and bestsellers. It was also very affordable so I decided to choose this essence. Lets see if it does any good for my skin!

2. Secret Key Snail + EGF Repairing Gel Cream

This cream is my first snail product. I don't know exactly the percentage of snail mucus there is in this cream but its one of the bestsellers and one of the cheaper snail creams on the site. I didn't want to splurge on snail cream since it is my first time trying a snail product. I don't know how my skin will react to it. There are 2 versions of this cream, a gel formula and normal cream texture. Since I have oily skin I opted for the gel cream. 

3. The Face Shop Face It Aura Control Cream (No.2 Natural Beige)

I have been eyeing this product for the longest time. Whenever I past the face shop in sydney I cry a little inside since the prices are CRAZY expensive. Koreadepart offers this Control Cream for half the price so I had to purchase it!

Review on this control cream here

4. Innisfree Smart Foundation Perfect Cover (No. 23 Natural Beige)

I watch Pony's Beauty Dairy on Youtube regularly. She is a korean ulzzang that makes really helpful and pretty korean makeup videos and they have english subtitles!! There was this one video where she used the Innis smart foundation range and I found it really interesting so I had to buy it to try it out myself. Even if she is sponsored by Innisfree, I must I she sells it well (hence why a lot of products I have bought are Innisfree) Check out that video here

My review on this foundation here

5. Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder 

This product has been raved about everywhere so I decided to buy it. I also have really oily skin so i hope this will control the oils. It is transparent so I don't have to worry about it matching my skintone! 

Review on this powder here

6. Innisfree Mineral Perfect Concealer (No.2 Natural Beige)

I saw a korean youtuber mention this as her top favourite concealer for blemishes. I have quite a few blemishes so I was really interested in this concealer. Pony also uses it in numerous videos so I wanted to try it out. I am running out of my Maybelline fit me concealer so i can't wait to use it! If you wanted to check out what video I was talking about click here

If you want to read my review on this concealer click here!

7. Etude House Surprise Concealer Kit (No.2 For Brightening Dark Circles)

I have major dark under eye circles. I am studying architecture at university. If you know anyone who is in that field you will know they do not get much sleep. My dark circles are so horrible since the course just keeps on getting more intense. I heard really good reviews about this concealer kit so I hope it hides my panda eyes well!

8. Innisfree Eco Fruit Tint (No.2 Orange)

Orange lips and gradation lips are so pretty and trendy. I wanted a tint that would be longlasting and pigmented. This tint have really good reviews and its from innisfree so I was like why not? 

My review on this tint here!

9. 3CE Lip Color (509 Violeta)

This is my first 3CE product. I have been really into pinky purple lip colours, seeing korean idols and actresses pull them off so beautifully, I really wanted a lip colour as vibrant and pretty! This colour is beautiful and seemed not too vibrant for my medium skin tone. It was also on sale too! 

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Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post!

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First Impressions and Reviews on these products will be coming soon!

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